Ways to Boost Your Business Productivity with Microsoft 365

As the world has shifted over to hybrid workspaces, some employees working from home and some working in offices, businesses now face the unique challenge of how to connect with each employee no matter where they are working. Microsoft 365 offers a solution to this need by creating a cloud-based, collaborative suite of tools for businesses of all sizes. Here are 4 ways that Microsoft 365 boosts productivity and connectivity across your business:

1. Cloud Computing with Business Productivity in Mind

Some businesses are already using SharePoint or OneDrive for document management, but most organizations don’t realize that SharePoint Online is really a cloud-based business productivity tool. With SharePoint Online, you keep all the key tools from both SharePoint and OneDrive, such as version history management, user access control, and file sharing, while also enjoying the benefits of improved user interface and freedom to access the cloud from anywhere at any time. Your document management solution is not confined to just the office you work in!

SharePoint Online also integrates with Microsoft Teams. This gives employees a communication platform to use during document creation and management tasks. Simply by tagging your fellow co-worker in a document, you can direct your co-worker to the exact area you may have questions about in the document. Instead of sending an email that could possibly be buried by other emails, you can send an instant message to a colleague through Teams.

2. Intelligent Process Automation

Managing and updating processes can be a tiresome task that is extremely vulnerable to human error. With the Microsoft 365 suite, you have access to the Power Platform, a tool that presents you with workflow management and data storage capabilities that automate business processes. Microsoft Teams and Dataverse both span across departments to serve your entire business while taking the middleman out of the equation.

3. Efficient Communication Platforms

Communication is an integral part of a business’s success. Communication covers a wide range of activities, all of which can be managed with SharePoint online. Among other communication tasks, Microsoft 365’s Teams allows you to segment employees off into their own discussion groups based on any criteria which you designate. You can also store information and files based on the teams you build and monitor permissions. Teams help you build a sense of community with your team members and streamline internal communications.

4. Continuous Updates

Time management is crucial for a successful business. For most traditional software, regular maintenance, patches, and upgrades are completely dependent on employees. With Microsoft 365, Microsoft is providing an ever-evolving platform, “evergreen”, with new capabilities being released monthly if not quarterly. With Microsoft 365, your IT team doesn’t have to upgrade your platform and can focus on providing key business services.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of IT professionals can help you maximize your business productivity by assisting you with your Microsoft 365 migration. Central Business Systems, Inc. has assisted clients with increasing profitability, mitigating risks, and focusing on customer engagement by utilizing our total technology platform. Specializing in IT solutions, document and printing solutions, mailing and shipping technology, and office supplies, we are the local total technology solution for businesses in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia.

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