Christmas holly for total technology

The Gift of Managed IT

Managed IT services helps your business in many different areas. Below is a list of 10 areas we focus on to improve your business:


∙ Improved security

∙ Proactive approach to IT problems

∙ Better uptime

∙ Gain access to newer technologies

∙ Cost savings over in-house IT

∙ Peace of mind

∙ Free internal staff for strategic work

∙ Tap into cloud solutions

∙ Lack of internal IT

∙ Handle remote office IT

Christmas holly for total technology

Let’s take a deeper look into the top five drivers:

1. Enhanced Security
Laptops, desktops, smartphones, applications, tablets, servers, operating systems, browsers, wearable technology and the like all store and transmit data and thus require the strictest security measures. Clients turn to us out of fear of becoming the next headline in a high-profile data breach or data loss incident.

2. Proactive Approach to IT Problems
Proactive managed services are beyond responsive: They anticipate issues. They ring true to the fact that the earlier a problem is addressed, the easier and less costly it is to fix. These proactive services do what they can to ensure that your technology is protected on a 24/7 basis, actually preemptively handling and protecting your technology against any issues that may occur. By doing so, the proactive managed services actually avoids disruption to the business flow altogether.

3. Maximizing Uptime

Today, every business needs to be completely prepared for emergencies such as power failures, security breaches, data loss or other disasters that could damage their accounts and credibility. We provide a turnkey solution to ensure the safety of your precious data in any disaster situation. As a trusted partner, it’s our role to help clients identify and prevent the kind of damaging impact a downtime event could have on your business.

4. Access to Newer Technologies

Often, many small businesses have an over-burdened IT staff with employees who may lack the skills and training for certain tasks or can’t handle the whole of the company’s network on their own. Many businesses recognize the value of working with an outside technical support team. Not only does this help with having an extra team of IT experts able to troubleshoot and remediate issues that arise, clients benefit from having access to the latest technology and business-grade solutions that maintain uptime and profitability. Investing in the managed services business model tackles existing labor constraints and prevents internal IT departments from always having to play catch-up. By working with Central Business Systems, Inc, business can also receive a virtual CIO (vCIO) in addition to the business-grade technology for their IT infrastructure. A vCIO is able to understand and manage the evolving technology landscape – allowing you to better plan for the long term and scale your business.

5. ROI/Cost Savings

One of the biggest business values of managed services is greater cost savings. IT budgets consist of many items: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs and maintenance costs, to name a few. Also, the cost of labor is significant for any business. With the managed services business model our clients can more easily predict their IT costs on a month-to-month basis, freeing up more staff time to devote to higher value projects they’re properly equipped to manage increases productivity overall. Call us today, your IT experts.
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