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With Central Business Systems, Inc. U.S.-based Help Desk, we can exceed expectations and provide you with superior service without hiring additional staff or straining existing resources. Through extensive investments in process, training and technology, our certified Help Desk Consultants provide Level 1, 2, and 3 support to over 61,000+ end-users. Best of all, you pay a low, fixed monthly fee at a fraction of what it costs to staff and operate an internal help desk – and we will absorb daily routine maintenance and troubleshooting, so your employees can focus on business and revenue-producing projects.
Our Help Desk Consultants receive regular training, coaching and quality review to continuously sharpen their skills, and they’re backed by a team of professional supervisors and managers to ensure consistency and unmatched service delivery.
Central Business Systems, Inc. features a caller ID system which creates a seamless brand experience that becomes a natural extension of your organization. When your customer calls, our Help Desk Consultants recognize the caller and display important user and machine configuration data alongside open and recent tickets. Which means technicians can begin solving problems immediately, without wasting time asking for basic information.
Currently support 61,400 End Users

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Average Speed to Answer (ASA) is 13 seconds
Currently 163 CBS Help Desk Consultants in the United States

Supported Help Desk Services

Central Business Systems, Inc. Help Desk Consultants respond to a wide range of technological requests. Although our Help Desk supports new user and equipment set-ups as well as other desktop projects, our first priority is to resolve high priority incidents that impede your employee's ability to work. Therefore, we divide our services into two primary categories – Real-Time Requests and Desktop Project Requests.This approach offers many benefits to you:

  • • Ensures that when your employee's call with a high priority issue, our frontline technicians are available to serve them immediately.
  • • Minimizes the time your employee spends on the phone while our technicians work;, thus delivering a superior support experience.
  • • Enables CBS to offer low prices and provide additional services at no charge by leveraging our less expensive resources when direct interaction isn’t required.

Help Desk Support Includes:

Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
E-mail applications and browsers.
Microsoft Office and documented third-party applications..
Hardware and network troubleshooting.
Printer installation and support.
Mobile phones and tablets.
User administration.
Desktop performance problems.
Virus and malware infections.


Real-time requests include high priority problem resolution as well as common administrative tasks and inquiries. These requests are handled immediately by Central Business Systems, Inc. Help Desk Consultants and worked to resolution. Because there are so many types of Real-Time Requests, it is useful to organize them into three categories: (1) High Priority Problems, (2) Administrative Tasks, and (3) Application Support.

1. High Priority Help Desk Problems

The Help Desk works high priority problems immediately until resolved, or partner escalation is required. In certain cases, we may recommend performing the work at night so that you, your employee and their workstation are not tied up during business hours. For example, if the employee is experiencing moderate performance problems or has a minor virus or malware problem, we will coordinate with the supervisor to schedule the diagnosis and remediation after working hours. When difficult server-related problems are identified, the Help Desk will engage Central Business Systems, Inc. Network Organization Center which specializes in server troubleshooting and remediation.

High priority problems severely impede an employee’s ability to work. In some cases, multiple users may be affected. Examples include:

Email or application crashed or not functioning properly
Printing issues
Database connectivity issues
File and folder access problems
General hardware failures
Computer performance problems
Virus and malware infections
Network connectivity failures

2. Administrative Tasks

The Help Desk responds immediately to Administrative Tasks such as those listed below. As described under Project Requests, more complex administrative tasks such as new workstation setups are not performed real time. Administrative tasks include:

Single user account and group creation
Mailbox and distribution list creation
Password resets and unlocking of domain accounts
File/folder permission changes
Microsoft Outlook profile set-ups
Mobile device email setup and configurations, and email, contact and calendar synchronization troubleshooting
File and Folder Restores - Microsoft Shadow Copy and VERITAS/Symantec Backup Exec 8.0 and above only

3. Application Support

The Help Desk responds immediately to Administrative Tasks such as those listed below. As described under Project Requests, more complex administrative tasks such as new workstation setups are not performed real time. Administrative tasks include:

Common Desktop Applications: Common Desktop Applications are listed in Supported Software and Hardware. The Help Desk provides in-depth troubleshooting and assistance for these applications and draws on a wide range of resources to ensure comprehensive support including use of Central Business Systems' Knowledge base, partner Notes, and web searches. Although the Help Desk does not provide employee training, technicians will assist users with simple application questions such as how to print from a specific application or how to add a signature block to an email.
Line of Business and Proprietary Applications: Line of Business and proprietary applications are supported using CBS's Knowledge base as well as partner Notes. CBS’s Knowledge base contains an extensive repository of knowledge articles for Level 1 and limited Level 2 support for numerous third-party applications such as QuickBooks. Additionally, CBS can provide troubleshooting and support documentation in the Notes section of the IT Support Portal which technicians will search for solutions and answers to common employee queries. Technicians do not search the web or call or ticket third-party vendors.


Desktop Project Requests are those requests which can be anticipated and thus scheduled in advance and require extended time, generally 20 minutes or more, to address. Project requests will be performed after hours when the employee is not using their workstation and will be completed by CBS’s Network Organization Center Consultants so that Help Desk technicians remain available for Real-Time Requests. Central Business Systems, Inc. will make best efforts to complete project requests no later than 6:00 a.m. of the employee’s local time zone on the day following the request, but in any event, no more than 24 hours from the time of request. Examples of project requests include:

New computer set-ups and configurations
Network printer set-ups requiring configuration of the printer and multiple end-user workstations
New user set-ups involving multiple application installations
User terminations involving more than two password disables and/or multiple software removals or any email archiving or transfers
Complex desktop software installations
Any request involving 3 – 5 workstations, e.g., installing software across multiple workstations, configuring multiple workstations for a new network printer

When a client calls the Help Desk for a Project Request, the Help Desk will collect the necessary information, create a ticket and assign it to the NOC. If the client demands more immediate service, the call will be escalated to the partner. To complete the project, the workstations must remain on and connected to the client’s network throughout the night. Additionally, the partner must ensure that the necessary credentials are stored in the appropriate location in the IT Support Portal.

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