Managed Print Services (MPS)​

Our consultative approach to internal print management​

How does print management work?

Identify Your Document Usage

One area of business that is often overlooked is your print environment. Many companies are astonished with the inefficiencies and excessive expenses uncovered by our Managed Print Services (MPS) Analysis to create virtually the most strategic, smartest and sharpest print environment imaginable.

Rules-Based Printing

Rules-Based Printing promotes good printing behavior, deters overspending, reduces waste, and simplifies accounting/budget processes. Print jobs are analyzed and routed to a particular device based on a set of predetermined rules and conditions. Employees receive notifications anytime a less efficient machine is chosen or a document is unnecessarily printed in color. Printing costs are allocated to departments or cost centers and generate reports summarizing activity.

Software for Managed Print Services

Most data collection options offer only one-way communication. Central Business Systems, Inc’s approach gives you two-way communication between your accounting and dispatch systems. This two-way communication streamlines business processes and eliminates overhead related to meter billing, supply reorder processing, service deployment, purchasing, and managed print services assessment and proposals.

Advocate for your Print Environment

Every company should have an advocate continuously looking to reduce costs, increase security, optimize efficiency, and reinforce green initiatives.

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) program keeps your fleet and interest in mind to help you attain the following advantages:

Reduce Costs​

Optimize Efficiency​

Increase Security​

Green Initiatives​

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