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managed print services provider, MPS
How are you managing your printer fleet?

Most businesses rely on printing for their businesses. Printing is an essential function — but each business will approach printing differently.  Your organization’s needs will vary from other businesses, which is why you will need a print solution that compliments your organization to help boost productivity and control your costs.  

What is Managed Print Services? Managed Print Services (MPS) can be explained as a solution that manages all aspects of your business’s printing environment, including printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. Managed Print Services ensures your printing fleet is always working at its best at the lowest possible cost. 


How does Managed Print Services work? 



Managing a print fleet is no easy feat. Some businesses rely on their IT departments to keep track of their fleet, yet that takes them away from more important projects they need to work on. An MPS provider has experience analyzing print fleets of all sizes and possesses specialized knowledge in fleet consolidation and device usage methods. An MPS provider will make sure that your business implements the proper equipment at an affordable price.



One of the first things to be assessed is the need and use of local printers. What are local printers? Local printers are printers that are only used by one person, which makes them inefficient in most businesses due to the unique cartridges they require. These local printers typically use more expensive ink and have a lower yield, so they end up costing you more.   

Additional factors like overusing color and allowing large print runs on small devices will also reduce your productivity and cost you more. Your business technology consultant can identify these issues and offer solutions to boost productivity that will fit your business’s needs and budget.  



Did you know that placement of your printing devices can affect your fleet’s efficiency? You want to be sure that your printing equipment is in easily accessible areas for your employees, so you maximize your device usage. A properly placed printer will eliminate employees wasting time by walking too far to different floors or sections of the building to retrieve their printed materials. 



Keeping track of when your printer fleet needs supplies can get very hectic, but a managed print services provider can handle that for you. Automating your printer supplies can help monitor your devices and tell you when you are low. They can also automate the shipment of toner-based on when your machine is running low and ship them right to the person or department just in time, which eliminates downtime. An MPS program also helps your business consolidate your leasing costs (and vendors), which provides the ability for a consistent monthly investment.  



Central Business Systems, Inc. Provides total technology solutions for businesses across the Midwest, including Managed Print Services. Our business technology consultants can help analyze the efficiency of your print fleet with our state-of-the-art software. Contact us today. 


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