Our Essential IT plan includes: Monitoring, Patching, & Alerts for your PC's and Servers.

Upgrade to our Plus and Preferred plans to access our superb remote held desk, on-site support, and advanced monitoring features.

Managed IT Platform

A Customized Approach to IT Services and Tech Support

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Use the power of IT Outsourcing with some or all of your IT functions for maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.


Push your business to the next level  and automate with our Advanced Monitoring  and Management solution


Take your business to the ultimate level in IT systems, security and consulting and maximize your revenue and profits

Essential Package

Monitor and maintain your network with confidence

Essential IT acts as the eyes and ears Of your network, allowing us to monitor and maintain the essential components of your network.

– Unlimited Live Answer Remote Help Desk M-F 8am-6pm EST (on covered systems)
– Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting on Covered Network
– Automatic Security Updating and Patching of Windows (Testing Prior to Installation)
– Anti-virus and Anti-malware License & Protection
– Quarterly Business Technology Review with CBS vCIO (Your Technology Roadmap)
– Discounted Rates for Project Services and Infrastructure Upgrades
– Hardware and Software Inventory
– Secured Remote Access

Remote Help Desk

  • – Unlimited Live Answer Remote Help Desk M-F 8am-6pm EST (on covered systems)
  • – Team of 14 assigned to your company
  • – Microsoft Office Expertise

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