Managed IT Services

A Fully-Managed Approach to IT Services and Tech Support

Need help deciding the best managed IT services for you? We can give a free network assessment to make that choice easier.


This is your essential IT package.
Comes with everything you need to manage your company's IT.

This is perfect for maintaining your network, keeping information secure, and staying alert to network issues.


This is IT support at its core.
In addition to Essential, Plus gives you unlimited remote help desk support.

Calls are answered quickly and 90% of tickets are usually resolved remotely, reducing downtime and expenses.


This is the all-inclusive IT package.
Preferred combines Essential, Plus, and expert on-site support.

Our team is ready to resolve any of your network issues for true peace of mind.

Managed IT Services - Overview




Hardware & Software Inventory
Performance & Maintenance Reporting
Alerting & Monitoring of Critical Subsystems
Patch Whitelisting Service (Testing Prior to Installation)
Antivirus and Malware Protection
Secured Remote Access
Quarterly Business Technology Review with CBS Consultant
Discounted Rates for Project Service
Live Answer IT Help Desk Support (M-F @ 8am-6pm EST)
Router / Firewall / Switch / WAP Monitoring
Vendor Management
On-Site Support (M-F @ 8am-5pm EST)
Preferred Security Audit

What Is Managed IT Support?

Why do Business Owners need Managed IT?
Central Business Systems, Inc. has a Fully-Managed Approach to IT Services and Support. This video answers the questions: Why do Business Owners Need Managed I.T. Services? And what is Managed I.T. Service?
CBS Managed IT Workflow
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