Customer Service Award

CBS Customer Service Award

For over 9 years now, Ken Weaver has been with CBS as a field service tech in West Virginia. As our lone wolf in WV for many years, Ken has provided excellent service to our clients all over the state and has done anything and everything we have asked him to do. His get it done work ethic is met with his knowledge of our Mailing and Document equipment to make for a job well done each time. On occasion, he has even helped with IT. We thank Ken for all of his hard work for these 9 years, and hopefully many more to come.

John Hildebrandt has been with CBS for over 8 years as a field service technician in the Louisville office. For a variety of high end/high demanding clients, John has provided tremendous service. His calm and collected attitude allows him to diagnose problems efficiently, while also maintaining immaculate communication with CBS management and clients. These skills, among others, contribute to his overall success in his work on Mailing and Document equipment. 

About The Customer Service Award

The Jodie Rife, Jr. Customer Service Award was started in 2004 when Jodie sold Central Business Systems, Inc. to Frank Shoaf. Jodie purchased CBS in 1979 and ran the company for 25 years. During that time, Jodie laid the foundation for CBS and our success through many years of hard work and dedication. One of Jodie’s main philosophies in life was that we are here to serve God and one another. In business this means to have a passion to serve the customer.


This is why we have the customer service award and present the winner who has excelled at some form of customer service at our Christmas lunch every year. This is a way to pay tribute to Jodie and all his years of service and to pay tribute to the employee that best exemplifies this hard work and passion.


This can show itself in many ways.  It can be an equipment sale creating a new customer or keeping or upgrading an existing customer, a professional and timely response on a billing or administrative question or issue, a courteous and complete service call or finding a way to improve our processes that will help all of our customers or employees.  


The management team and two CBS staff members from each department look at all employees and they each nominate two individuals for the award. From this list it is narrowed down.

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