Case Study: Technology Roadmap for CSI

The Technology Roadmap for CSI

Building Trust With Your Technology Partner

When we originally reached out to CSI, they were a company without an IT Department. They needed help with the maintenance of their network systems and wanted to test out the partnership with CBS. This took the form of our basic Essentials IT plan, where we monitor, patch, and provide security solutions for their computers and servers.

Expert Support When You Need It

As CSI grew, their internal support wanted to focus on their business success, so they added our Block Time option for fast remote service and on-site support when they need it. This gave time back to their whole team, allowing them to focus on what matters to them and eliminating lengthy downtime with their computers and network.

Expansion With Hardware, Software, & Infrastructure

With growth comes new infrastructure and problems to solve. CSI is so successful they moved to a new, large facility, and they called on CBS to configure and install all the necessary hardware to cover this space and their growing data needs. This involved network security, firewalls, wireless access points and migration to Office 365. Along with this it became imperative to protect the foundational data of this company, so we integrated a Backup & Disaster Recovery system for total protection and instant recovery.

The Full Upgrade, CBS Is Your IT Department

Now with total confidence in our expertise and service, CSI upgraded to our Preferred solution, and we became their full-time IT department. With unlimited remote help desk and unlimited on-site support, we watch their technology at every moment, provide business reviews for growth and improvements, and onboard new hires for deployment. We treat your business as our own, and your employees are valuable members of the team.

Not Just Technology, A Worthy Business Partner

This is what it looks like to choose CBS as your business partner. As you grow, we grow with you. The future is bright for CSI as we plan their technology roadmap. We are currently deploying new servers, the utilization of VMware, life-cycle management, and providing them a secure and stable network so they can continue to grow their business.

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