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Don't take the phishing bait.

ATTENTION: Office 365 Phishing Scam

According to Microsoft, a clever phishing campaign is plaguing Office 365 users. What exactly is phishing? Phishing (pronounced like fishing) is an attack that uses specific tactics of deception to try to steal critical information such as your identity, your bank information, and even your passwords. Phishers can masquerade their scam by posing as legitimate websites, luring you into trusting them with vital information stored on your …

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tax time

Tax Day! Just Around The Corner

Tallent & Associates, CPA is a Louisville-based Certified Public Accounting firm, representing a wide variety of individuals and small businesses across the United States. Clients are provided with a variety of tax and accounting services, as well as financial and retirement planning and small business consulting services. To learn more, visit their website: Tallent & …

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Costly Phishing Scam in Kentucky

In a phishing scam, a local Kentucky corporation attempted to transfer $40,000 to a bank account they thought was associated with one of their executives. If you don’t know, phishing is much more sinister than it sounds, because in this context you are the fish. Phishing is a cybercrime in which targets are contacted through …

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Versailles Woodford Parks Recreation

Fitness & Managed IT

Fitness & Managed IT When your IT becomes overwhelming, managed IT can save you money and reduce stress Versailles-Woodford Co. Parks & Recreation is a 72,000 square foot recreation & performing arts theater. The recreation portion of the Center is operated and maintained by the Versailles-Woodford County Parks & Recreation Department and the theater portion …

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Learn more about Office 365 for your business

Does Office 365 Suit Your Business?

Is Office 365 Right For My Business? Office 365 is a low-cost cloud solution containing a suite of tools from Microsoft. The needs of your business will help decide what plan and set of tools are right for you. What should I expect with Office 365? The most common plan includes email and applications such …

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IT Case Study: Robinson Stave

IT Services for a Bourbon Barrel Maker Robinson Stave Co., Inc. produces bourbon barrels for Kentucky’s ever-burgeoning bourbon distilling industry. When their business technology reached its limits, they turned to Central Business Systems, Inc. for a Total Technology solution. Jim Stiles wears many hats as the Plant Engineer, maintenance manager, tool crib manager and IT …

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business disaster recovery

Incidents BDR Protects Against

Types of Incidents and Disasters BDR Protects Against There’s no way to predict the future, and Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you don’t have a well-thought out recovery plan, your company’s data is teetering on the EDGE of a cliff without a SAFETY NET. Here are …

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10 Hidden IT Risks

10 Hidden IT Risks that Threaten Your Business (Plus 1 Easy Way to Find Them) Your Business depends on intelligence. But can you count on your technology? You may not be in the information technology business, but it’s probably impossible to imagine your business without IT. What you probably don’t consider is the IT vulnerabilities …

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small medium business

10 things to consider for an Always-On SMB

IT organizations of all sizes are feeling the pressure to meet the demands of business, however smaller organizations don’t always have the luxury of dedicated resources, unlimited budgets or the expertise to ensure the high level of Availability their stakeholders demand.   Data is the lifeline for small organizations. In the event of system downtime, …

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cloud technology

Tech Tip: Understanding Cloud Technology

Technology Tips 1. What is “The Cloud”? Cloud technology is virtual and therefore does not require any hardware of your own to deliver a service. The Cloud can deliver that service to you, without having to install anything or have it on a server at your business. This is something that you can access remotely, …

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