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Letter “C” Acronyms for the Sharp MFP

CAC (Common Access Card): A smart card that is used for general identification as well as for authentication by the government or organization networks.

CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate): The year-over-year growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time.

Cancellable Rental: An agreement that is cancellable upon the purchasing entity providing the awarded vendor with a thirty (30) day written notice, and is subject to penalties for cancellation. Equipment ownership is not an option.

CC (Common Criteria Validation): An internationally recognized and standardized methodology developed to certify Information Assurance claims to provide a high degree of confidence that security products perform as advertised.

Ceiling Pricing: Pricing that is established as a “not-to-exceed” amount; the maximum price Awarded Vendor may charge for products, services, and supplies.

Chief Procurement Officer: The individual who has the authority to supervise and approve the procurement of all products and services needed by the Lead State or a Participating State.

Clicks: A term of measurement for pages produced on an output device; either copies or prints. A total of 5,000 clicks per month means 5,000 pages or copies per month.

CMS (Content Management Software): Software created by a third-party company that helps users create and manage digital web content on Sharp display products.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black): The process of generating a color image by absorbing light and reflecting what’s left. This is a complimentary process to RGB color generation. CMYK is the process for all commercial printing and most color copiers. CMYK images are characterized as less vibrant than RGB.

Collate: The means by which original sets are separated from each other for easy identification. Arrangement of pages in proper sequence.

Color Calibration: Usually an electrical process of setting the image quality to a known standard such as a test sheet.

Contractor: Also referred to as Awarded Vendor or Offeror; is the person or entity delivering products or performing services under the terms and conditions set forth in the master agreement.

Convenience Stapling: An Offline stapler attached to equipment.

Coterminous: Two or more leases or rentals that end at the same time. The original lease or rental payment is modified to reflect the addition of a new piece of equipment or accessory. The original term of the lease or rental is not modified as a result of a coterminous addition.

Coverage: A term used to describe how much information (toner usage) is on a piece of paper. A standard business document is generally thought to contain between 5 and 15% coverage.

CPC (Cost Per Copy): Cost calculated based on supplies for black/white or color copy output.

CPM (Copies Per Minute): The maximum speed that an output device is capable of delivering paper to the output. May be affected by job specifics such as stapling or sorting and may be affected by the data stream.

CPO (Cloud Portal Office): Sharp’s content management service that provides a convenient way to seamlessly capture, index and archive both paper and electronic documents in a single repository.

CPP (Cost Per Page): Page cost calculated for a printed document or a copy from the document feeder or glass.

CRD (Central Reproduction Department): In a larger company, the room with the “big” copier in it. CRDs are generally responsible for large print and copy jobs, specialty binding, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Strategy for managing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects using technology to organize automate, and synchronize business processes.

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