Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Allow Central Business Systems, Inc. to dramatically increase your operational efficiency. Our years of experience monitoring alerts and devices has helped us create a workflow that partners with your IT Team and takes the pressure off of your technicians which will allow you to focus on driving your business forward.

Managed Approach to IT Service and Tech Support

The say that any Technology is only as capable as the person operating it - and for some Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools, that certainly seems to be the case. But Central Business Systems, Inc. program was built to streamline and simplify IT Management, allowing Service Providers to operate more efficiently and focus on Business Growth. So what good is the program if you need to spend all day babysitting it?

How Does It Work?

With Central Business Systems, Inc. fully-integrated Managed IT Services plans, you can double your Tech utilization, scale your businesses and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Our proprietary IntelliMon alerting system generates smarter, more actionable tickets than any other platform – and it all starts with our data center. We’ve got tens of thousands of processes and event IDs on record, and we’re constantly adding new iterations as they’re created.

When Central Business Systems, Inc.’s RMM agent is deployed, it immediately starts capturing device performance information and scans system processes, applications, and event logs. These events and performance monitors are not only captured and alerted on – they’re also intelligently correlated, so that we know which issues are “real” and require attention.

Once identified, these events are then communicated back to our IntelliMon system, which executes a rules-based analysis to group related items into unified, actionable tickets. This cuts down erroneous tickets and false alerts by up to 80%, and helps prevent unwanted clutter in your RMM portal. Once created, tickets can either be escalated back to you, or addressed by our Network Operations Center technicians (depending on service levels).

In addition, tickets generated by our IntelliMon system will include remediation documentation and best practices – designed to not only help you solve the issue at hand, but avoid future problems as well. Problems are also classified based on alert status and severity, so you can quickly and easily determine which issues require immediate attention.

Network Operations Center
Grow Your Busniess, Not Your IT Staff
Remediation Documentation

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WATCH VIDEO: What is Managed IT Support?

Why do Business Owners need Managed IT?

Central Business Systems, Inc. has a Fully-Managed Approach to IT Services and Support. This video answers the questions: Why do Business Owners Need Managed I.T. Services? And what is Managed I.T. Service?

RMM That Thinks Like a Technician

They say that any technology is only as capable as the person operating it – and for some remote monitoring & management (RMM) tools, that certainly seems to be the case. But RMM software was built to streamline and simplify IT management, allowing service providers to operate more efficiently and focus on business growth. So what good is the software if you need to spend all day babysitting it?

Shouldn’t the tool be telling you what problems to watch out for – not the other way around?CBS IT Solutions model is built to help you save time, not waste it – and that starts with our RMM platform. We set out to design a monitoring system that operates with the same understanding of alerts, events and tickets that a seasoned technician does; in other words, we created an RMM platform that thinks like a tech.

ProActive Approach to Monitoring and Management

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? So if you’re stuck working with an RMM tool that requires you to manually classify what alerts and events to look for, and you’re forced to experience a problem first-hand before capturing it, how proactive can you be when it comes to your support and services?

Fortunately, our platform is directly supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC) Technicians – and both the tool and our technical teams are constantly getting smarter. With more than 1 million alerts generated per month across 625,000+ monitored machines, we’ve dealt with nearly every issue in the book – and the rules and logic in our IntelliMon platform are the result of that experience and expertise. So why waste time researching what policy or threshold to set for that RAID Controller when your RMM platform can do the work for you?

Additionally, Central Business Systems, Inc. RMM is trained to look for the little things – events that other tools can miss, and problems that many businesses would have to experience first-hand before knowing to look for them.

IntelliMon in Action

Let’s say a client calls you and says that the internet has stopped working at their office. There’s a laundry list of potential reasons why; the issue might be related to DNS, IP, a router failure, or a host of other problems – and to make matters worse, other RMM platforms will actually create unique tickets for each one of these potential causes. So now you’ve got one problem, and 5 or 6 tickets have been created for it; and it’s up to your technicians to sift through them one by one until the actual cause of the problem is discovered.

With Central Business Systems, Inc. RMM, this scenario would play out differently. Rather than being inundated with multiple tickets, and little to no information on how to actually solve the problem, our IntelliMon system would start by proactively identifying the internet connectivity issue (perhaps before the customer even realized something was wrong). Next, one single ticket would be created to list out all potential causes of that issue. Our NOC technicians can then step in and begin troubleshooting to determine what the actual cause of the problem was, and to identify whether any action or intervention from you is needed.

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