Print Management – Save up to 30% on your in-house printing


Want to save up to 30% on printing? Try Print Management. CBS will help your organzation significantly reduce costs on one of the largest office expenses, PRINTING.

How will my organization benefit?
Cost savings: Reduce your supply costs, optimize use of the lowest cost printers and eliminate toner waste

More productivity: Reduce printer downtime, eliminate IT/help desk

Greater Visibility: Track where and when printing is happening at both the department and individual user-level

File security: Your information must be protected

Reduce environmental footprint: By using less energy, reducing consumable usage and keeping waste out of landfills, you are saving the environment!

With print management, you can:
• Optimize your fleet
• Increase office productivity
• Substantially reduce print costs
• Employ best practices and go green

Did you know?
Printing is the 3rd highest office expense behind rent and payroll
Companies with annual revenue of $5M can spend as much as $150K on printing & documents annually
Up to 40% of all IT help desk calls are printer/copier related
Unmanaged printer fleets can cost up to 3% of your company’s total revenue
Cutting costs does not have to be hard.
By utilizing print management you can save up to 30% on in-house printing costs.
We can make it easy.
Do you know what you’re spending on print? Call or chat online today to find out how we can assess your company’s print load and help save you money.

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