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Revolutionary Approach to Antivirus Protection

Central Business Systems, Inc. Endpoint Protections offers a revolutionary approach to malware protection. It brings together an innovative file pattern and predictive behavior recognition technology, with the almost limitless power of cloud computing, to stop known threats and prevent unknown zero-day attacks more effectively than anything else.

Using the world's lightest and fastest endpoint security Agent, scans are unbelievably fast (normally less than 30 seconds) and they never slow end-users down. And, because detection is truly real-time it is always up-to-date, and provides protection against all the latest threats and attacks without any of the hassles of managing daily signature or definition file updates.

Data Privacy

As more and more businesses move crucial corporate data to the cloud, data privacy is more important than ever. In particular, organizations within highly regulated sectors, such as financial services, local government, and medical services require assurance that sensitive corporate information is protected.

The Antivirus Solution was designed with data privacy in mind. In addition to the superior identity and anti-phishing protection included with Antivirus Business Endpoint Protection, it never examines file contents to make threat determinations, ensuring that business data remains secure.

During threat analysis, the programs endpoint agent checks files in real time against its' Intelligence Network cloud security services to determine whether they are malicious. Instead of analyzing file contents, the software uses file attributes and metadata. This information includes the MD5, file size, filename, digital signature, publication date, file language, as well as various other attributes. The actual file contents are not necessary for identification, so they are never included in the malware determination processes.

In addition to real-time file attribute analysis, the program identifies malicious files using their behavioral data. When the agent detects new applications for which no determination data yet exists, it allows them to execute within a sandboxed environment and closely monitors their actions. In this fashion, the agent can quickly create hashes of all the observed behaviors. These hashes are then evaluated in the cloud in real time using its' Intelligence Network services. This unique approach to threat detection is part of what makes this software program solution so effective in combatting zero-day threats.

A committment to securing business and user data. This program solution not only protects data; it also scans and determines file status without examining their contents, ensuring that private data will not be compromised.
File data is protected using a proprietary process before being sent securely for examination by WIN services, whose servers are hosted securely within Amazon’s EC2 Cloud (SAS70 Type 2 compliant) infrastructure. WIN services then return an obfuscated reply to the endpoint agent so it can address queried files appropriately.
When offline, antivirus solution provides an approach to countering malware infections that is far better and stronger than that provided by most conventional antivirus products.


Powerful Malware Detection: Provides the most advanced real-time endpoint protection against both known and unknown malware to virtually eliminate the vulnerability window between when threats emerge and when they're detected.
Offline Protection: Stops attacks when an endpoint is offline with separate file execution policies applicable to local disk, USB, CD, and DVD drives.
Malware Remediation: Comprehensive detection and removal engine identifies known and unknown threats, including dangerous rootkits and other pieces of malicious software, and removes these files from users' system.
Automatic Rollback Remediation: Monitoring and journaling of uncategorized files and process means the endpoint can be restored to its last good state if those files prove malicious.
Intelligence Network: Real-time threat detection and analysis via the world's largest cloud database of unique ex-tractable objects, consisting of hundred's of millions of files and their associated behavioral characteristics.
Instant Deployment: Deploys via a packaged MSI installation file, custom deployment tool, or link to download the executable.
No Conflict Software Compatibility: Compatible with other software applications, including other endpoint security solutions, making deployment alongside existing applications very easy.
System Monitoring/Application Endpoint Firewall: A sophisticated cloud firewall protects your users when they are outside the corporate gateway, augmenting the Microsoft Windows firewall to offer full control of outbound and inbound connections without adding an unnecessary drain on endpoint resources. By managing and monitoring all outbound traffic, the firewall protects against malicious "phone-home" attacks and ensures that only policy-approved applications communicate with the network. It also automatically recognizes known good and bad programs, so user aren't pestered with pop-ups or forced to make uninformed judgments.
Virtualization, Terminal Server & Citrix Support: In addition to supporting Windows PC environments, the software also supports Windows Server, Virtualization, Terminal Server and Citrix environments.
No Conflict Software Compatibility: Compatible with other software applications, including other endpoint security solutions, making deployment alongside existing applications very easy.
Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Support: Mobile protections is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets too.
Resilient Distributed Cloud Architecture: Consists of multiple global datacenters to support local offices and roaming users through their nearest datacenter and provide excellent resilience and redundancy.

Powerful Heuristics

Heuristic settings can be adjusted based on risk tolerance for file execution. Heuristic settings include:
Advanced: Analyzes new programs for suspicious actions that are typical of malware.
Age: Analyzes new programs based on the time a similar file has existed within the Software's community.
Popularity: Analyzes new programs based on how often file is used or changed within the Software's community.
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