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IT Case Study: Robinson Stave

Robinson Stave Spotlight 9/27/2017  Robinson Stave Co., Inc. – East Bernstadt Cooperage, Inc., makers of quality white oak bourbon barrels, began as a family-owned business by C.B. and Imogene Robinson in a small southeastern Kentucky stave mill in 1958. The company currently…

16 Oct 0 Comments
5 Cloud Security Trends Businesses Need to Know About

By Derek Miller, Content MarketingConsultant at CopyPressPublished in Website Magazine  As more companies consider cloud-based technologies, they’ll need to be aware of these five trends that could impact their organization’s digital security.   1.  Increased Migration Could Spell Danger There are many reasons why…

15 Jun 0 Comments
WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Actions Required to Protect Microsoft Machines from WannaCry Ransomware AttacksCentral Business Systems, Inc. wants to make sure you have access to the resources and information you need to effectively protect yourself from the ongoing WannaCry (aka WannaCrypt) Ransomware attack.We’ve created…

22 May 0 Comments
Incidents BDR Protects Against

Types of Incidents and Disasters BDR Protects AgainstThere’s no way to predict the future, and Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you don’t have a well-thought out recovery plan, your company’s data…

03 May 0 Comments
10 Hidden IT Risks

10 Hidden IT Risks that Threaten Your Business (Plus 1 Easy Way to Find Them)Your Business depends on Intelligence. But can you count on your Technology? You may not be in the intelligence technology business, but it’s probably impossible to imagine your…

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

You are the best. Central Business Systems, Inc. would like to thank our entire admin team for all of the hard work and dedication they show to CBS, fellow employees and all of CBS customers. These ladies are the backbone…

26 Apr 0 Comments
Tech Tip: Increase Battery Life and Charge

Technology Tips4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life and Charge  1. Keep the Vents Clear Never ever sit your laptop on a couch cushion, or on a mattress, or anything soft that hinders airflow through the little slot on the bottom…

24 Apr 0 Comments
Video: Mailroom Postage Meter 700 Series Features

CBS Partner Neopost Postage Meter IN-700 Series Mail MachinesCBS partners with Neopost to feature the capabilities of the IN-700 SERIES Mailing System and exceed those of a traditional Mailroom Mailing Center’s Equipment. 700 Series Product Brochure – Schedule a Cost Assessment…

19 Apr 0 Comments
Daylight Savings 2017

ALERT: Save the Date, Daylight Savings 2017. It is time to… Spring IT Forward. Central Business Systems, Inc. reminds you to turn your clock forward an hour on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 2AM. Https://…

09 Mar 0 Comments
Tech Tip: 3 Microsoft Hacks You Need

Technology TipsWhat You Can do with Microsoft Office Three Hacks You Never Knew You Needed. If you use Microsoft Office at home and at work every day, these time-saver tips may be just what you need to kick productivity into high…

24 Jan 0 Comments
10 things to consider for an Always-On SMB

IT organizations of all sizes are feeling the pressure to meet the demands of business, however smaller organizations don’t always have the luxury of dedicated resources, unlimited budgets or the expertise to ensure the high level of Availability their stakeholders…

05 Jan 0 Comments
January 2017 USPS Rate Change

Important Rate Change Announcement EFFECTIVE January 22, 2017The United States Postal Service® has announced a postage rate change increase that will take effect on Sunday, January 22, 2017. The pending change will affect First Class Mail (retail 1oz. letter increasing from…

27 Dec 0 Comments
Randsomware the Cash Cow

Randsomware, the cash cow of today’s hackers, has become an incredibly lucrative resource, netting cyber thieves millions of dollars a year. It’s bad news for vulnerable end users and businesses. Get the facts straight and PROTECT YOUR DATA before it…

02 Nov 0 Comments
Tech Tip: 4 Ways to Fight Off Infection

Technology Tips4 Ways to Fight Off Infection   1. Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse with an Approved Electronics Cleaning Cloth or Solution It is a fairly easy process to accomplish, and worth the effort for sure. Think about it – you dug into the candy dish after multiple people at the…

01 Nov 0 Comments
Tech Tip: What you Need to Know About Pokémon Go

Technology TipsWhat You Need to Know About Pokémon GO If you haven’t already heard, Pokémon GO has quickly become the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. However, the game’s rapid rise in popularity has also raised some major mobile security concerns.…

01 Nov 0 Comments
Tech Tip: Understanding Cloud Technology

Technology Tips1. What is “The Cloud”? Cloud technology is virtual and therefore does not require any hardware of your own to deliver a service. The Cloud can deliver that service to you, without having to install anything or have it on…

02 Sep 0 Comments
USPS Rate Change August 2016

August 2016 USPS Rate Change to First-Class Mail Parcel On August 28, 2016, USPS customers who utilize the retail parcel service will see a small increase adjustment in the prices for one-ounce, two-ounce and three-ounce First-Class Mail parcels. Currently, the rate…

22 Aug 0 Comments

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