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Because when IT works, so can you.

NETWORK DEFENDER protects your business with confirmed confidence. Because when IT works, you can work too. Central Business Systems, Inc. is offering the most powerful, easy-to-use network protection and alerting system on the market today for small to medium sized companies. More importantly, CBS is providing this service program at an affordable price. Ask for your quick quote and see first-hand.

Network Protection at an Affordable Price.

Everything is protected and updated in three easy steps:

1. Monitoring & Patching.

All systems are remotely monitored & updated with the latest patches.

2. Antivirus/Malware.

All systems are protected, licensed & updated automatically.

3. Alerting.

Receive Critical Issue Alerts via email of any critical issues or problems.

DONE. Secured & Verified.

You get actual reports to know it’s done, providing peace of mind.

Is Your IT Network System Up-to-Date?



WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW FOR SURE? Unfortunately when a system failure occurs, a lot of the time it could have been avoided by routine maintenance that was overlooked. Let our automation tools control the tedious activities while our team members handle the tougher issues. Know for a FACT your network is updating properly with critical alerts and automatic reporting giving you confirmation that everything is operating as it should. Run routine maintenance and get reports detailing what has been done and what needs to be done; thus allowing you to monitor information technology on-the-go. Pair with your existing IT Team or go with our team of trained professionals. Be confident your network is operating as it should and will continue to as long as you are receiving confirmations and alerts.

If You Are Not 100% Sure, You Should Contact Us.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive. Maximize Your IT Staff.

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FAQs Network Defender

No. Basic Subscription does not come with any remote or onsite Support. Your subscription can be upgraded at two different levels. The first is a US based Live Help Desk that operates remotely from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday (EST). The second is Onsite Support offered Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM within our onsite servicing area. You can call our 800 number (800-648-2599) for more detailed information. Depending on your subscription, we will get you in contact with the appropriate resource.
Many computers do come pre-bundled with some basic level of protection. However, these versions are usually a trial version and expire shortly after you purchase your computer. In addition, the reporting is limited and most of the time you do not even know you are not protected.
We are putting a lite non-intrusive software to monitor and report back predictive failure and issues for a proactive approach to maintenance and support on your machines.
Our system leverages LogMeIn Rescue® (an industry-leading remote assistance platform), to offer and provide support over the internet, thereby shortening your time-to-resolution. Sessions are encrypted on both ends to provide the highest quality security.
Your system will be protected against viruses but no solution is full-proof. If you happen to get a virus resolution will depend on your level of service or subscription.
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