Network Assessment Snapshot

Your Network Assessment Snapshot

A network assessment is a snapshot of your existing IT infrastructure, compliance, security, and management of your network’s components. When an organization is uncertain of its network’s strength or risk, a network assessment snapshot is vital to gain valuable insight into the health and state of your IT infrastructure. The assessment snapshot also gives insight into areas that need improvement, which future-proofs your business’s IT infrastructure.

network security snapshot

What Do We Need to Perform a Network Assessment Snapshot?

network assessment snapshot server

Access to Server

On-site server with an active directory to assess all security measures and policies

network security snapshot domain
Admin Credentials

Temporary admin credentials to the domain to access the domain.

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What You'll See In Your Network Assessment Snapshot

network assessment snapshot risk issue score


Network Risk and Issue Score

The Risk Score is a value from 0 to 100, where 100 represents significant risk and potential issues. The risk score is associated with the highest risk issue. During the network assessment snapshot, we will be able to identify critical issues. The risk score should act as a grounding point for your network security action plan.

Security Risk Report

Based on general industry-wide best practices, the security risk report may indicate existing issues or points of interest. The Issue Score grades the level of issues in the environment. An Issue score of zero (0) means no issues were detected in the environment. It may not always be possible to achieve a zero score in all environments due to specific circumstances.

network assessment snapshot risk report

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What Do We Most Commonly See In Network Assessment Snapshots?

network security spyware

Anti-Spyware and Malware Out-of-Date

Up to date anti-spyware definitions are required to properly prevent the spread of malicious software. Some anti-spyware definitions were not found to be up to date.

network security password

Password Expiration

User accounts with passwords never set to expire present a risk of use by unauthorized users, They are more easily compromised than passwords that are routinely changed

network security operating system

Unsupported Operating Systems

Computers found using an operating system that is no longer supported. Unsupported operating systems no longer receive vital security patches and present an inherent risk.

network security inactive computers

Inactive Computers

When a computer hasn’t been checked into for over thirty days. the computer runs the risk of becoming an unauthorized entry point to your network. This can potentially compromise your data.

network security unsupported software

Unsupported Software

Computers found using a version of Microsoft Office that is no longer supported. Unsupported software no longer receives vital security patches and presents an inherent risk.

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