Ship, Track, and Report in One Solution

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Mailing and shipping rates will be raised but you can leverage your mailing system for discounted metered mail rates and look into a shipping system to get Commercial Based Pricing. In fact, you're incentivized to do just that! Remember, the USPS still has an edge over other carriers because it does not add surcharges for fuel, residential delivery, or regular Saturday or holiday season delivery.

NeoShip ADVANCED provides an intuitive single-screen interface that streamlines the process of shipping domestic and international parcels. This multi-carrier solution allows you to select from USPS, FedEx, or UPS, expanding the number of options you have when it comes to processing and tracking shipments.

NeoShip Features

Save Time and Money with Rate Shopping

NeoShip ADVANCED will compare shipping rates between carriers.* It identifies the lowest cost of getting your parcel to its final destination.

Obtain an Online Consolidated View of All Shipments

Stay informed by tracking each package as it travels to its destination.

Save Time and Eliminate Errors with Address Groups

Define a collection of recipient addresses as an Address Group, then add, modify, save and delete entries as needed.

Benefit from the Cost Savings Associated with Commercial Base Pricing

Experience significant discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™.

Create Reports for Additional Analysis

Great for account/department chargeback, understanding shipping trends, and postage expenses. Reports are available in summary and detailed formats by Shipment, History, Operator Activity and/or transactions.

Obtain and Store USPS Proof of Delivery Letter

The USPS retains delivery data for each shipment, with associated signature and address images, when Extra Services options are applied. The proof of delivery letter PDF is stored and available for viewing, printing and email.

Apply Free Insurance on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Items

Receive up to $50 value and $100 value respectively.

Eliminate Manual Entry of Addresses

Save time and avoid errors attributed to manual entry. Import up to 10,000 addresses to the Public Address Book and up to 1,000 addresses to the Private Address Book, per user.

Simplify Your Shipping Processes

Create a true desktop shipping environment by adding an optional USB scale and thermal label printer to your computer.

Ensure “Ship To” Addresses are Up-to-Date with Free Address Correction

Help prevent delivery delays.

Streamline Shipping Workflow with Batch Processing

Create up to 100 identical shipments being sent to different recipients and addresses at one time.

Manage User Roles and Privileges

Assign roles and control a user’s level of access to the system's functionality based on the user's role.

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