A comprehensive outbound document management platform for SMBs that automates your entire customer communication workflow and gives you the flexibility to send transactional documents via any combination of channels - Print, Digital or Outsource.

Multi-channel document automation in a single flexible platform

Optimize and streamline critical business processes by automating outbound document workflows. Quadient Impress helps small to medium businesses, like yours, simplify processes, optimize operational costs, improve document integrity, and enhance customer and employee experience, letting you and your staff focus on what matters most. 

Support today's needs and adapt to tomorrow's changing requirements

Quadient Impress best-in-class suite of applications and services provide SMB’s the agility to respond and adapt quickly to ever-changing customer, regulatory and environmental demands. Each application works independently or seamlessly together, which allows you to create a customized solution that best fits your current needs and add more applications and services as your business grows and evolves.


Automate manual processes related to the creation, distribution, and output of critical customer communications such as invoices, statements, notices, and letters. Drive employee efficiency and engagement by eliminating repetitive manual tasks that can expose your business to potential errors and risks.



Leverage your existing infrastructure and ensure brand consistency by centralizing business communications. Impress Dispatch consolidates desktop communications from multiple office locations and is ideal for organizations with a remote workforce. Users simply prepare outgoing documents from their desktops and send them directly to your centralized mail production center or your customer’s dedicated, secure web portal.



Replace paper-based communications and transition to digital delivery by sending documents through a branded web portal. Impress Portal allows you to securely deliver documents and promote your corporate image through a channel more and more customers prefer. Customers are able to easily access current and past communications at any time, which reduces the number of inquiries on your customer service staff.



Eliminate the hassle of outbound mail. Impress Distribute gives you the power to prepare, process, and deliver physical or digital mail documents in just a few clicks and without leaving your desk. 


Learn how a multi-channel document delivery solution could help you optimize costs and employee productivity while providing you the agility to adapt to the changing business environment. 



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