Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support

A Fully-Managed Approach to IT Service and Tech Support.

CBS Tech Edge, is a solution covering critical IT areas. There are three (3) coverage plans in this program: The Essential, Preferred, or Elite Plan. Tech Edge Packages were developed to minimize risks associated with IT, as well as decrease business interruptions arising from IT failures into an acceptable level for you; and for a predictable cost. The critical IT Service Areas are incorporated into each bundle are: Patch Management; Network Monitoring; Remote Support (Help Desk) and On-Site Remediation; and Virtual CIO.

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Why do Business Owners need Managed IT?

Central Business Systems, Inc. has a Fully-Managed Approach to IT Services and Support. This video answers the questions: Why do Business Owners Need Managed I.T. Services? And what is Managed I.T. Service?

ESSENTIAL SOLUTION - Patch Management and Monitoring.

For those that prefer a hands-on approach, the Essential Plan provides Basic IT Services. Our monitoring and alerting helps you reduce the time needed to filter alerts and research resolutions. Our RMM Software monitors all of your servers, and our NOC will alert you - day or night - when critical issues arise. Response and remediation of such alerts and service requests will be at our standard billing rates.

PREFERRED SOLUTION - Remote Help Desk and On-Site Support.

For a more hands free approach to network supports, our Plus Solution relieves you of the burden of receiving and responding to alerts. An Unlimited Remote Help Desk is included with this plan. Onsite hours are available each month with a Prepaid Bundle Block resolving your day to day network and computer issues.

ELITE SOLUTION - ALL INCLUSIVE (Remote Help Desk and On-Site Support).

With the Preferred Plan, you can completely offload network/server monitoring, management and remediation to Central Business Systems, Inc. Alerts generated by our RMM software are sent to our remote remediation team, which connects to troubled systems to apply the appropriate solution - and you can monitor systems and ticket statuses from anywhere. This plan includes both unlimited Remote and On-Site Support.

Remote Help Desk

With Central Business Systems, Inc. U.S.-based Help Desk, we can exceed expectations and provide you with superior service without hiring additional staff or straining existing resources. Through extensive investments in process, training and technology, our certified Help Desk Consultants provide Level 1, 2, and 3 support to over 61,000+ end-users. Best of all, you pay a low, fixed monthly fee at a fraction of what it costs to staff and operate an internal help desk – and we will absorb daily routine maintenance and troubleshooting, so your employees can focus on business and revenue-producing projects.

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