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We are an IT company based in Lexington that helps you plan for the future. Forward thinking and extensive managed services and tech support experience gives you a great advantage in planning for your business needs.

Your business' technology will become something you can count on. Too much time is spent worrying about your network and not your business. CBS' Lexington team will take network maintenance & network security worries off your hands and let your team do what they do best.

As managed services, and IT companies, become more necessary nation-wide, Lexington follows this trend closely. Our IT service matches the needs of our region and the dominating industries. Below is a brief summary of each managed IT package we offer.

Essential IT

When you need an IT company to run your Bluegrass business, this is what you start with. Great network security and network maintenance will keep your business running at all hours of the day.

Plus IT

This is the best IT service package that guarantees network security, stability, and delivers a predictable budget. So what is the difference? Our remote help desk solution will resolve over 90% of your user, hardware, and software issues.

Preferred IT

If you need worry-free managed IT in the Lexington-area, you want our Preferred package. With our remote help desk service and expert on-site support, your business can reach a new level of productivity.

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Kentucky is famous for its unpredictable weather, and rather than let the storm happen to you, why not protect your business network and data before the next big storm.
Can your business recover from a power outage? What if there is a power surge? How quickly can you recover your data and get back to 100%?
Two terms to clarify on is "backup" and "disaster recovery". While most businesses have backup hard drives, this only restores individual files. A complete disaster recovery solution is the best option and will restore your entire system quickly.

Office 365

Improve your internal communications and workflow with Office 365. Collaborate easily by utilizing great tools on the cloud. Office 365 is a cloud-based solution by Microsoft and allows you to process mail, documents, and other tasks in the cloud from vitually anywere, with little to no overhead for file and mail servers.

A commitment to securing business and user data. This program solution not only protects data; it also scans and determines file status without examining their contents, ensuring that private data will not be compromised.

Organizations today cannot afford to choose between security and maintaining a high-performance business infrastructure. The extended enterprise needs proven security that won’t compromise performance: from deep within your internal segments, to physical and virtual data centers, to dynamic cloud environments.

As cyber attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, IT managers are starting to realize that relying on only one antivirus technology exposes the network to attack. Each endpoint needs multiple layers of malware detection and remediation to ensure complete protection.

Network Support and IT Infrastructure Management can streamline your daily Data Center Operations. Central Business Systems, Inc. provides additional resources to your IT Department to keep your Business up-to-date without wasting your existing IT Staff’s time.

Servers & Storage

Increasing technology and business challenges (ie. virtualization, server migrations and data center consolidation) requires a robust, yet flexible server management plan.

Personal Computers and Hardware

Central Business Systems, Inc provides PC’s and devices at an affordable price; depending on your needs, we also offer IT Support coverage plans. Email us to get custom pricing.

We have a great history of serving the Lexington-area with printing and document management solutions.

Learn more about what we offer on any of our Document Solutions pages.

Digitize your paper documents with our document management system

While file types for document images vary, the standard PDF or TIFF files along with effective software make management (searching and editing) of these files easy. Improve your business’s digital filing and retrieving, while maintaining security.

Efficiency is a sustained effort

Companies strive to maximize efficiency of operations and overall performance in addition to decreasing process defects. Going paperless reduces time involved in traditional document processing, and the cost associated with transitioning to a paperless environment, all while being environmentally friendly.

Important factors when considering the capabilities of EDM Software:

• Develop PDFs and convert images to accessible files

• Automatically identify text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

• Access crucial details from your scanned documents and connect it with relevant software like Quicken, Excel, and Outlook

The depth and breadth of paper use in our society is overwhelming.

The more society grows, the more complicated it becomes to gain access to accurate and relevant information and so the process slows. Conversely, the public’s expectations for quick, immediate access to information continues to increase.

With new developments in society, it becomes increasingly difficult to filter through information that is both factual and relevant. Conversely, the desire to access information instantly increases as well.

Benefits of print management

Rules-Based Printing promotes good printing behavior, deters overspending, reduces waste, and simplifies accounting/budget processes. Print jobs are analyzed and routed to a particular device based on a set of predetermined rules and conditions. Employees receive notifications anytime a less efficient machine is chosen or a document is unnecessarily printed in color. Printing costs are allocated to departments or cost centers and generate reports summarizing activity.

Through expert analysis we build a customer plan to minimize your document output costs

Kentucky businesses consistently search for new ways to cut expenses and time and increase overall productivity. However, what many businesses overlook is the importance of a print environment. Companies are baffled by the inefficiencies and excessive expenses uncovered by our Managed Print Services (MPS) analysis which creates the most strategic, and efficient print environment imaginable.


Sharp MX-3070N Multi-Function Printer
Sharp MX-4070N Multi-Function Printer
Sharp 5070N Multi-Function Printer
Sharp MX-6070N Multi-Function Printer


Sharp MX-C300W Multi-Function Printer
Sharp MX-C402SC Multi-Function Printer
Sharp MX-7040N Multi-Function Printer
Sharp MX-7500N Multi-Function Printer


Sharp MX-M266N MFP
Sharp MX-M365N MFP
Sharp MX-M754N MFP
Sharp MX-M1205N MFP

Access High Quality Printers You Need

We have printers in every make and model available. Call now for an immediate quote or to match existing equipment in your office environment.

More than 90% of the time we can offer a better cost per copy to help sustain your business printing needs. Featured brands include the ever popular and well known Sharp, Lexmark, Brother and HP Printers.

All make and models are available. Call today.

We have a great history of serving the Lexington-area with mailing & shipping solutions.
Learn more about what we offer on any of our Mailing & Shipping pages.

Learn about our selection of Neopost address printers

Color Address Printers

Neopost AS-520c Envelope Address Printer
Neopost AS-970C

Desktop Address Printers

Neopost AS-710 addressing system
Neopost AS-930 addressing system
Neopost AS-960

Console Address Printers

Neopost AS-980 addressing system
Neopost AS-3060 addressing system
Neopost AS-Orbit Base production address printer
Neopost AS-Orbit production address printer

Find a range of high-performing folder inserters to meet low, medium and high output needs, improving the overall productivity of your business mail center

Neopost DS-35 Office Folder Inserter Auto
Neopost DS-63 Mail Management Partner
Neopost DS-65 Folding Inserting System
Neopost DS-85 Fold + Insert Automatically
Neopost DS-90i Folder Inserter
Neopost DS-75 Mail Folder Inserter
Neopost DS-160 Mail Folder Inserter
Neopost DS-1200 G3 Folder Inserter

Whether you run a home office or an enterprise level mail center, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs in Central Kentucky

Neopost IS-280 Postage Machine
Neopost IS-350 Mailing System
Neopost IN-600 AF Mailing System
Neopost N-600 HF Mailing System
Neopost IN-700 Mailing System
Neopost IN-750 Mailing System
Neopost IS-5000 Mailing System
Neopost IS-6000 Mailing System

Neopost Shipping develops and runs shipping and supply chain traceable solutions for carriers and shippers

NeoShip USA: The Simple, Powerful Choice for Online Shipping

Enhanced Mailing & Shipping (EMS) USA: Redefine Mailing and Shipping Customer Loyalty

Enterprise Shipping System (ESS) USA: Empower Employees, Make Smart Shipping Choices

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