Local Business Case Study- KCPR

Local Business Case Studies

Business: Kanawha County Parks and Recreation (KCPR)

Industry: Government

IT Challenges: Cost, Response Time, and Network Reliability

Solution: CBS’s Managed IT “Plus” and Block Time

What Happens Next?

After this crisis has ended all businesses will have to do more with less.  Where will they focus? Cost! Going forward, controlling costs will be the most important component of a comeback strategy.  With a solution from CBS we can help reduce your IT expenditures, streamline your operation and provide a predictable budget.



KCPR was looking for a way to control their costs, have a predictable budget and receive fast support when needed. The main park has three separate buildings that are interconnected along with a remote site 20 miles away. The goal was to centralize the data; all while protecting, securing and providing a reliable infrastructure.

The Solution:

In order to control cost and receive top notch support, CBS implemented our Plus program along with a block of time.  This solution allows KCPR unlimited remote support for their staff in which over 90% of all calls are fixed remotely saving time and money.  In addition, a prepaid block of time was chosen to cover all onsite support.


Today and Tomorrow:
Partnering with CBS as your local IT company, we also perform Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to guide you not only today, but into the future.  CBS will develop a technology roadmap and a lifecycle management plan to help budget for the months and years to come.

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