Local Business Case Studies

Business: English Law Group

Industry: Law

IT Challenges: Efficiency, Cloud Computing, Slow Support Response Times, and Remote Printing

Solution: CBS’s Managed IT Essentials

Benefits of CBS Solution:

CBS provides customized solutions that will be tailored to your business model. Our Managed IT Plus solution is designed so that your business can run more efficiently. Our remote help desk addresses your issues quickly so you can focus on your business.



Is the cloud right for my business?  We hear this question all the time.  The answer is, it depends.  For the ELG is was not.  ELG is a local Louisville, Kentucky business that reached out to Central Business Systems, Inc. (CBS) to redesign their network. The ELG had challenges with remote applications, printing and end-user support. Their current network was hosted in the cloud and did not perform efficiently, ultimately causing downtime and potential loss of revenue.


The Solution:

The hybrid cloud model.  In the case for ELG the solution was some applications in the cloud and some on premise.  CBS installed new equipment, centralized their core business applications while leaving e-mail in the cloud.

This solution provided the end users with speed and efficiency they were seeking to get their job done.  CBS also provided our unlimited remote help desk to the entire staff. When an issue arises, they can use real-time chat, send an email, or place a phone call for assistance.


Today and Tomorrow:
With a centralized system, the ELG now has their data protected with a business continuity solution allowing their business to run without interruption.  Their data is not only backed up locally, but sent to the cloud automatically for offsite protection. The ELG now has a predictable IT budget allowing them to focus on their clients.


About Central Business Systems, Inc.

We are your local IT company providing service for your business network. Central Business Systems, Inc. is ready to service your complex business needs. We provide managed IT services, document and printing solutions, mailing and shipping machines, and all the necessary business technology supplies to keep your business running smoothly.



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