Local Business Case Studies

Local Business Case Studies

Business: Wheeler Financial Solutions (WFS)

Industry: Financial

IT Challenges: Downtime, unreliable network, secure data access and Disaster Recovery

Solution: CBS’s Managed IT Essentials

  • With an IT solution from CBS, you can protect your business and have more predictable costs. CBS will provide you with the tools and expertise to run a more efficient business and improve your overall workflow. Our solution will provide you with security, peace of mind, streamline operations, and free you up to focus on your clients.
  • Summary:
  • WFS is a local Lexington, Kentucky business that reached out to CBS to help them with their technology needs. WFS was experiencing downtime and slow response times when dealing with their current IT company. 
  • The Solution:
  • CBS consulted with WFS to identify their current challenges and understand what their expectations were in partnering with an IT Company. 

 CBS implemented our Managed IT Essentials model, and provided WFS with new hardware to meet their expectations. 

CBS installed a new server and network equipment to provide a secure encrypted platform for data access. A Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) was also installed to protect their businesses critical data.  CBS now provides coverage and support under our Essentials model to protect and secure the network while improving cash flow. 


Today and Tomorrow:
As a result of the technology strategy and improvements that CBS has made for WFS, they now have a reliable network and secure place to store their data.  In fact, our solution and tool set even provides them with remote connectivity to their data in these tough times.  Now all the employees can continue to work from home or the office, providing their clients with exceptional service.


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