Dimensional Weighing with USPS

Important Information about the New USPS Structure Change – Effective June 23, 2019

The United States Postal Service® has announced that they will begin enforcing the much-anticipated “Dimensional Weighing” standard on all Priority, Priority Express, and Parcel Select service classes beginning on June 23, 2019. While not technically a “rate change,” this new policy brings their rating structure in-line with competing carriers FedEx and UPS, and will require a change in the way you process your non-Flat-Rate parcels  so that the proper amount of postage is applied and you do not receive your parcels  back.

Dimensional Weighing is the process of factoring-in a mail piece’s size (volume) with its weight, so that large-but-lightweight (bulky) items are charged based on a higher weight tier than if they were shipped by weight alone, thus encouraging mailers to use the smallest container available to ship.

For items with a volume of greater than one cubic foot (1728 in3), a mailer must measure the item’s dimensions (in inches) and multiply them together (Length x Width x Height) then divide by a pre-determined number (166, effective June 23rd). If the result will be a weight in pounds, and if this number is greater than the weight obtained from the postal scale, the items must be shipped using the higher of the two

For example, a Priority Mail parcel weighing 5 pounds in a box measuring 25” Long, 15” Wide, and 5” High:

(25 x 15 x 5) / 166 = 11.295

The result is that this piece needs to be posted at the 12 pound rate under the new regulation.

The impact this will have on your mailing process will vary depending on what Neopost services you currently utilize:

For customers that utilize NeoShip: place the item on the scale and enter its dimensions, and the app will recalculate when necessary.

For customers shipping via EMS or G2 postal accounting software: place their item on the scale, and enter its dimensions in the special services screen and it will recalculate if necessary.

Customers shipping directly from the postage machine interface and posting at retail rates can either calculate based on the above formula, or go to dimweightresources.com and enter the dimensions to obtain the Dim-weight. Then you can enter that new weight in manual weighing mode on your I-series postage machine to obtain a stamp value, or you can look the new rate up in a rate guide and manually enter the stamp value with the number keys on the machine.

Customers shipping from legacy postage machines in the IJ/WJ series, or with standalone scales, will need to utilize the dimweightresources.com website to obtain a weight, then reference a rate chart to obtain a stamp value for entry into the postage machine, as manual weight entry is not available on legacy machines.

At CBS, we understand that these new regulations will take some time to get accustomed to, and we are happy to assist with additional training and resources to help ease the transition. If you have any questions, or for further assistance with this and future rate updates, please contact your account manager or visit our website at cbsedge.com and view important rate change information and our full line of products and business services.

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