Protect Your Entire Network with CBS Managed IT

Do you know right now who has access to your network?  Would you like to be able to monitor and protect your entire network through a single pane of glass?  

With most managed IT providers, you only see a glimpse of what is going on. But with the CBS Business Dashboard, you can monitor and protect your entire network with confidence. Confidence is not the only thing that our unique business dashboard will boost. Here are four key areas that CBS Managed IT services will boost for your business. 

Increased Profitability  

If you run an in-house IT team, you understand how expensive it is to train and staff your team. You also know the cost and time to have backup people ready to go in case someone gets sick or quits. With our Secure IT, you can choose to either outsource all your IT functions. You can also choose to bolster your current IT department with CBS for maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost. We will customize your platform to fit your exact business needs. You will be getting the most out of your money.  

The savings do not stop at just a custom solution. As a client of CBS, you will get to enjoy the benefits of discounted rates for project services and infrastructure upgrades, along with anti-malware and anti-virus included in your solution.

Business Continuity 

When you partner with CBS for your IT solutions, we understand your entire network and you have certified experts supporting your business at a moment’s notice. Anytime you run into a problem, you can email, live chat, or give our team a call. With our business dashboard, you will get critical alerts sent directly to you. Your network security will be updated automatically so your business never experiences costly downtime. When disaster hits, our platform has you covered. By implementing a business disaster recovery plan, our platform will be analyzing threats before they happen, backing up data, and having a recovery plan already in place so you are protected. 

Customer Engagement 

Partnering with CBS will free you up from battling with IT issues or trying to staff and train your department each time there is an update in technology. By outsourcing some or even all of your IT services to CBS, we give you back valuable time so you can focus on growing your company. You’ll make your employees happier and more productive by allowing them to focus on doing what they were hired to do with a secure connection. You also receive access to your own virtual CIO (vCIO). A vCIO is able to understand and manage the evolving technology landscape. A vCIO will develop your technology roadmap for the future – allowing you to better plan for the long term and scale your business.

Risk Mitigation 

Your network and systems heavily impact your business operations and legal risks. When you store sensitive data in your network, the law requires you to preserve confidentiality for both clients and employees. You also have to demonstrate your processes to ensure compliance. When you partner with CBS, we assist you in maintaining compliance so you don’t have to stress about it. We’ll also perform a free network assessment to identify the weaknesses in your network and share the results with you so you can be actively involved in the creation of your technology roadmap.  

Are you interested in partnering with CBS for your IT concerns? Talk to one of our IT experts today.

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